Happy New Year! Big Plans for 2020!

Happy New Year! Big Plans for 2020!

Dutch Oven Chef Big Plans for 2020!
Dutch Oven Chef has big plans for 2020!

Thank You for a terrific 2019!

We’re excited about our big plans for 2020; but, before we jump ahead, we have so much to be grateful for in 2019! I’d like to start off by thanking everyone that has visited our website, our YouTube Channel or our Facebook page. Website visitors to The Dutch Oven Chef grew by 33% in 2019 while subscribers to our YouTube channel grew by 68% in the last year. We appreciate your support and are thankful that we’re able to contribute something back to broader community.   

Ok, now onto our big plans for 2020!

Big Plan #1 – More Free Content

We hold a high bar when comes to creating content for the Dutch Oven Chef which means we’ll post fewer, higher quality recipes. Each recipe we post includes detailed, step by step instructions with high quality photos. We’re proud of the quality of our blog posts so we plan to share more of our adventures in dutch oven cooking as well as some new trails we’re following. Our first big plan for 2020 is that you can expect a new blog post the first Sunday of every month. 

Big Plan #2 – Exclusive Content for Subscribers with Five Star Friday

In 2019, we announced the launch of our Five Star Friday email. Each Five Start Friday email contains a bite-size list of five of our coolest finds about the outdoors. We’ll share new recipes we’re trying, gear reviews, and places to visit for your next adventure. Our next big plan for 2020 is to publish a new Five Star Friday email every second Friday of the month. You can subscribe to Five Start Friday here

By the way, if you decide to subscribe to Five Star Friday, Our commitment to you is no spam, ever. Emails are never shared. See the full privacy policy here.

Big Plan #3 – Dutch Oven Chef Channel on YouTube

In 2019, we hit a big milestone (for us at any rate); our YouTube channel surpassed 100 subscribers. We now have our own custom YouTube URL: https://www.youtube.com/DutchOvenChef which will make it easier for people to find us on YouTube. In 2020, we plan to build on our YouTube success by doubling the number of videos we post. Some of the ideas we’re already working on include gear reviews, Dutch Oven 101 videos, and more new recipes. Look for the first video at the end of January. 

Thank you again to everyone that continues to visit The Dutch Oven Chef (Facebook, YouTube, and our website). You’re the reason why we do this and we hope you’re enjoying what we’ve created. 

Engage with us on Social Media

We author recipes for my blog — The Dutch Oven Chef. You can see our free recipes here. Check out our YouTube channel – Dutch Oven Chef for outdoor cooking videos. We also maintain a presence on Facebook (Dutch Oven Chef) and Twitter: @dutch_oven_chef). You can also get exclusive content when you subscribe to 5 Star Friday — our monthly newsletter!

Support Us

If you’d like to support our channel, consider purchasing a cool Dutch Oven Chef – t-shirt from our TeeSpring Store, here. You can also make a direct contribution to our channel with a donation via Payal. You can donate here. Your purchase or donation helps offset the cost of running our website and producing new content (video and blog posts).

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