About Us

About Us

There are five principles that guide everything we do at The Dutch Oven Chef.

1. Social – Dutch oven cooking brings people together — oftentimes away from modern conveniences. When we separate ourselves from the distractions of daily life, we believe we can make authentic connections with other people. At The Dutch Oven Chef, we want to help you bring your friends and family together with dutch oven cooking.

2. Stories – We always remember that great family campout, that camporee, that fishing trip. Dutch Oven cooking is a part of that journey and, at The Dutch Oven Chef, we plan to share our journeys with you.

3. Scientific – we respect tradition and we learn from it; but, we also embrace innovation. At The Dutch Oven Chef, we experiment, try new flavors, use modern cooking methods and apply what we’ve learned to improve our cooking.

4. Simplicity – All of our dishes are easy to make and great tasting. We bias towards fresh ingredients but we will use frozen or canned items because we know these ingredients can save preparation time.

5. Sharing – We didn’t wake up one morning and know how to cook — someone taught us. My first experience with dutch oven cooking was as a young boy scout at Camp Mack-Kin-O-Siew near Elcho, Wisconsin (about five hours north of Chicago, IL). We know that we’re standing on the “shoulders of giants” and we promise to share our recipes, our tips, and our love of dutch oven cooking with you. One of the greatest complements you can give us is to let us know that we helped you learn something new.

Happy Cooking!
Fran Shigley
The Dutch Oven Chef

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